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We love and proudly serve Richland Hills, TX since 1947



Seventy Years of Service

Founded by a World War II Veteran, Stop & Get One has served the Richland Hills community since 1947. We pride ourselves on our commitment to the local community, and our support of schools and veterans. Run continuously as a sole-proprietorship by AJ and his family for the past thirty years, we continue our tradition of a family-run business focused on our customers, with convenient groceries, fresh locally-sourced and made-to-order food, and a commitment to treating everyone like family.



Free Delivery within a two mile radius with $25.00+ Food Order

Ethical Fuel

Our independent fuel brand Richland Petroleum serves a higher calling. We donate one cent for every gallon purchased to schools, our firefighters, veterans, and other causes right here in our community. Further, we aim for all of our fuel to originate and be refined right here in Texas. AJ believes that we must do everything we can to stop our dependence on foreign oil. Companies such as Conoco and Mobil right here in Richland Hills sell fuel that originates from and benefits foreign dictators who work against American interests. By working with local distributors, refiners, and producers, we bring the highest-quality product, support our community, and want you to drive with a clearer conscience.

If you are disabled or elderly and struggle, we will be glad to come out and help you pump your gas. Just ask.

Locally-sourced Freshly Prepared Food

Food is essential to our way of life. That's why we predominantly source from local farms. AJ drives to the Stockyards to pick up our beef which comes from local cattle ranches, and our chicken is Organic and antibiotic-free. Our lunch menu is fresh right-when-you-order it. We play with a range of flavors that reflect our community's heritage, from spicy Texas Chili, to Cajun and Creole, to Chicano and Tex-Mex. Best of all, a portion of every sale goes towards supporting playground construction and equipment at the local school.

Have a special request? Don't worry, we want to see you smile. Come and relax at our hand-made tables and chairs which were made with pride right here in Richland Hills.


Groceries, Electronics, and More - Just Ask!

In addition to our on-site products that range between everyday household goods to chips, snacks, and more, we work with Amazon and other vendors, to bring you fresh produce, milk, eggs, and other goods via delivery with 48 hour notice. We can also deliver electronics, games, books, DVDs, and other items that are typically not in our store but which we can special order and have as quickly as two hours.


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